Loban Dhoop/Guggal Cup-12 Cups


  • Quantity- 12 cups/pieces

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  • PujaBag brings Loban Dhoop/Guggal Cup-12 Cups
  • Increase the Positivity and Spirituality with Loban cup.
  • Loban dhoop/लोबान की धूप is a Traditional Vedic Purifying element.
  • It  is used to spread Positivity in Homes and places of work.
  • Loban Cup is very Natural and Aromatic.
  • 100% Natural Non-Toxic.
  • It has a Pure and Clean Fragrance.
  • Loban Dhoop can also be used for Meditation and Spiritual Purposes.
  • Burning Time :- 20 Minutes(Approx).
  • Contain : The package contains 12 Loban Cup Sambrani Dhoop.


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