Jivitputrika Vrat Katha/Jutiya Vrat-Book


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  • PujaBag brings Jivitputrika Vrat Katha/Jutiya Vrat-Book
  • Jivitputrika Vrat or Jitiya Vrat(Jiutia) is kept for the Son’s Long life and good health.
  • This Fast/Vrat is Especially observed in North and East India.
  • Women Remain Water less on this fast i.e. Water and food are not taken.
  • Jivitputrika/Jitiya is a three-day-long festival which is celebrated from the seventh to ninth lunar day of Krishna-Paksha in Ashwin month.
  • Devotees who Keep Jitiya fast should know auspicious Time, Worship methods and Story in Detail.
  • Language-Hindi.
  • Jivitputrika Vrat(जीवित्पुत्रिका)/Jitiya Vrat(Jiutia) Book.


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