About Us

Established in 2020, PujaBag is a retail cum wholesale online store for all your Puja/ worshipping needs. Founded by duo Priyanka and Rahul, PujaBag has utilized their combined efforts to bring out the Devotional Uniqueness to every single item you buy from this website.

Priyanka, a budding Digital Marketer has a startup earlier and Rahul is a fresh Engineer, both came up with the idea to start an online store- A space where all your devotional imagination gets a real image. At PujaBag, We help you enrich our Indian ancient traditional rituals by bringing you handpicked Puja boxes, Pooja Samagri, Idols, Temple Décor, Brass pieces, Vastu, FengShui and so on.

Our mission is to bring our traditional as well as devotional puja needs to your fingertips at its best handpicked pure form so that you don’t have to compromise and take out time from your busy schedules to search for your puja samagri shop to shop. You can simply pick items from our Website and perform our age old traditions auspiciously.