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  • PujaBag brings Pure Sindoor/सिंदूर/Vermilion-30gm
  • Red/Orange Sindoor is applied on all the Gods, Utensils and all other things used in the Holy act of Worshiping.
  • Sindoor is a brilliant scarlet powder used during Hindu Pooja and Cultural Ceremonies.
  • Sindoor is often applied by Married women on their foreheads for cosmetic purposes/Shringar.
  •  In Hindu communities the use of sindoor indicates a woman is married.
  • In Hindu Households “Tilak” is applied on foreheads almost on all the Holy, Auspicious occasions.
  • Color-Red/Orange.
  • Includes-Chawal and plastic container.
  • Available in- 30 gms.
  • Above picture is of Medium size containing 30 gms of Sindoor.
  • Puja Samagri/Pooja Samagri.

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