Kuber Thaili/ कुबेर थैली


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  • Kuber thaili for Kuber Puja/ Dhanteras Puja.
  • Kuber Pujan Vidhi: Make a swastika mark on the Safe/तिजोरी and then meditate Kuber maharaj. After that chant ॐ कुबेराय नम: Worship with the flowers and Prashad. Then praying, place a Kuber Thaili/ कुबेर थैली containing Turmeric whole, Coriander, lotus leaf/Kamal Gatta, Majith root, Rupees, Kaudi/ कौड़ी in the Vault/तिजोरी . After the pooja, pray to Kubera maharaj for the benefit of money.
  • Color-Red.

  • Size-24*18 cm.

  • Puja samagri/Pooja Samagri.

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Dimensions 18 × 24 cm


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