Betal Nut/Supari/ सुपारी -Small size


  • Quantity-15 pieces.

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  • PujaBag brings Betal Nut/Supari/ सुपारी -Small size
  • Betal Nut/Supari is a very integral part of Hindu Ritualistic Pooja.
  • Supari is often used in almost every Pooja.
  • Sometimes it is referred to as a hard core of the human being which must be surrendered to GOD.
  • Supari commonly represents the 9 planets in Nav Grah Pooja.
  • Pujabag brings best Quality of Supari/Betel Nut for your Pooja/Puja.
  • Betel nut/सुपारी  is a seed of the Areca catechu.
  • Betel nut size-Small.
  • Quantity-15 pieces.
  • Weight-40-60 gms(approx).


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